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I know these have been long awaited by some people and my internet finally wants to cooperate, so here it is. Photos from all these old stories I’ve been telling. I don’t blame you if you don’t have the energy to go through all of them at once, but here are all the links for those not on Facebook to peruse at your own pace. Enjoy.
The most recent album is from this last weekend. I went to Chang Mai and met up with the girls plus the lovely Sophie and Claudia from London! They are here in Thailand/Laos/Cambodia for the next few months and it was great to see some familiar faces for a couple of days. You can check out their blog about their travels here.


Bangkok (way old)

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So just over a week ago I went down to Nakhon Sawan with Kelly, Shaleas and Kru Rin to help out at an English camp for the day.

It was fun, nothing too much to report, but I wanted to take the opportunity to discuss the ridiculous nicknames Thai children have.
When Thai kids are babies, their parents name them, and then also give them a nickname that they go by except in more formal situations. Some of the names are nothing to look twice at, but some are priceless. In their quest to be more American, a lot of Thai kids are given English words as nicknames. I don’t mean English nic

knames, like Tom, Nick, Ali, etc. I mean just completely random words, including ‘Milk,’ ‘Beer’ and ‘Tutor.’ Pictured here are ‘Bank,’ ‘Nut’ and ‘Beer.’
At English camp I think I found my favourite name so far. God. I met a child named God. I’m not sure if he had any divine tendencies, but I started to doubt it after watching the way he fumbled through ‘Head, shoulders knees and toes.’
At camp, the kids were also split into groups, with names from Disney characters and things like that. Except one group. The Playboy group. Referring
back to the picture of the three boys, you’ll see that Bank and Beer were both members of this group.

The teachers insist that it’s okay, because they don’t know that Playboy is a company that promotes sex and naked women. Maybe that’s true, but it is still disturbing to hear a group of eight year olds singing ‘I like Playboy, you like Playboy, I like Playboy, let’s all be friends!’
The day after camp, Kru Rin’s friend showed us around the city, which was nice. I bought a kick-ass jacket at the night market. It’s amazing. It’s made of plastic, but that’s a
small detail and if you could see it you would all be jealous. Or you should be at least. I’m sure it will feature in a photo some time in the future. For now you’ll just have to imagine it.
The Friday after we
came back from camp, our school had their Exhibition day which was a day of good food cooked by the students, singing, dancing, a
nd all around good times. I even got some students to make a custom cloth bag for me with my name in Thai letters painted on it which I love.
Since then, it’s just been school as usual, although I have to admit that the pangs of homesickness are starting to kick in a bit. It’s definitely going to be hard to be away from home over Christmas, but thanks to all of you that have sent Christmas cards and/or care packages so far, including the lovely e-card I received from Blair, and the card from Liz! 🙂 Thanks as well to Johanna, Kara, Jackie and Naomi who between them are supporting the Thai postal system’s finances. 🙂 I know some more of you have sent packages and I can’t wait to receive them.
This Thursday we’ll be singing some carols and playing lots of Christmas games with the kids, so I’ll let you know how it goes! Miss you tons, have a great Christmas/Hanukkah and Happy New Year!

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