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Celebrated Independence Day twice this year. On July 3rd met up with some old friends, then went with my friend Amy to her friends house where I ate a lot of crabs then went out on the boat to see the Sherwood Forest fireworks. Wooo America. I love crabs and I only ever eat them in Maryland and national holidays are a great excuse to eat as many of them as possible. I have become pretty good at eating them too. It does take practice, trust me. You may think you know how to eat a crab, but an expert could probably pick through your shell remains and get enough meat for another half a crab. I used to have that problem but I have now found the technique and pure patience it takes to get everything out that you can. Yes, I am quite proud.

The fireworks were great. Met a few of Amy’s friends including a guy who made his own shirt out of his flannel pillowcase. So genius.

The next day I went with mum and dad to downtown Annapolis to watch the parade, get some dinner and watch the Naval Academy fireworks. Apparently half the town is running for mayor right now, pretty sure at least ten candidates drove by. BIG tip if you’re running – popularity goes WAY up if you walk, don’t drive, down the parade route, if you have a candy and/or other goodies. McConKey – walked, had sweets AND frisbees with his name on them. Also a really hard name to forget anyway. Not that I’m endorsing anyone by the way, I know nothing abut McConkey’s policies; haven’t looked them up as I can’t vote in the campaign anyway. Not an Annapolis resident.

Ate at Cafe Normandie, but I could barely finish my cream of crab soup or my steak. Possibly because I ate an amazing red velvet cupcake at Nostalgia Cupcakes on Main Street. Whatever, it was a good cupcake and I took the steak to go.

Fireworks were good, although we almost missed them.

Since I ate crabs for dinner on Friday, and crab soup for dinner on Saturday…..I had crabs for lunch AND dinner on Monday. What can I say, I can’t help myself. Went to Magothy Seafood for lunch with my friend Morena from DC, then while I was sitting there breaking shells open I got invited to a little crab feast in Baltimore to see my friend Katlin for dinner. How could I say no?? Saw two old friends and ate crabs with both of them in one day! True Maryland style reunions.

I promise to eat something else today. So far I’ve had tuna salad for lunch, and I think it’s salmon for dinner. Sticking to the seafood, but why not when it’s so good!


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