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Last week I drove down to Washington DC to meet up with Alex, another ex-Severna Park resident living in the capital trying to find the perfect job,

I met him for dinner at Busboys and Poets on 14th Street. I haven’t seen Alex in a long time, so it was good to catch up. Unfortunately, like a lot of people these days, Alex is having trouble with the lack of jobs available these days. He’s been stuck in a circle of food service and while he may have perfected his serving skills, it’s not his life goal to excel at carrying four plates at a time. He’s a very smart guy who knows how to talk to people so if he can’t find a job it doesn’t look good for the rest of us. Busboys and Poets was pretty good. Apparently they do events like poetry slams and open-mic poet nights. We just sat for dinner and I had a really good poached pear salad with chicken. It was great to see Alex, but hearing about his frustrations with the job market just reminded me again why I’ve spent the last nine months traveling the world instead of struggling to find a career.

I really hope I can find a position that will allow me to save up for my next adventure quickly! Eventually I’ll have to find a place to stay and find a steady job, I know, but for now I’d rather enjoy my time seeing the world for as long as I can!

For now, happy Independence Day America! I’ll be spending the afternoon/evening in downtown Annapolis watching the parade and the Naval Academy fireworks. Apparently there has been some financing issues with the fireworks the last couple of years which is too bad because they used to be pretty impressive. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed!


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